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“Axle (Brake) Oil”     axle oil   

This Q&A section discusses the axle oil used in the axles (axles and wheels) and brake system of the wheel loader. Most wheel loaders use built-in wet type disc brakes installed within the axle. The axle oil not only lubricates the gears but also the brake discs.

The axle oil is important to bring full braking performance.

 Role of axle oil

(1) To create oil films over the surfaces of parts to protect the contact surfaces.
(2) To wash off foreign matter (such as wear particles generated by meshing gears) with the oil flow.
(3) To cool down the brake discs, gears, and bearings.
(4) To ensure smooth travel and braking.


 Required functions

(1) Ensured braking effort.
(2) Prevention of screeching, squealing noise (friction noise from the brake discs).
(3) Letting the gears and bearings transmit power at a higher efficiency.

 Which oil to choose?

Use KCM’s recommends axle oil. As listed above, the axle oil has multiple functions and characteristics. To have the axle oil fully produce the required performances, it is essential for you to use the genuine axle oil that is blended with appropriate additives and that is adjusted to the suitable viscosity commensurate with the machine operating environment.


What would happen if axle oil other than the manufacture’s recommended axle oil used?

1. The brake discs create a screeching noise.
2. The braking feeling changes (the unadjusted friction coefficient causes the braking effort to fluctuate).
3. The axle oil could leak out (poor combination with the oil seals can cause the axle oil to leak out).
4. The cold axle oil may not be able to produce the designed torque or the maximum speed.
5. The possibility of critical failure such as brake seizure, damage to the bearings, and broken gears (because of the accelerated oil deterioration) will increase.

Although some customers mention that they would like to use generic types of axle oil, using such oil can cause the failures listed above due to improper additives and viscosity. Be sure to use the genuine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

 What do you have to be careful of besides oil selection?

The way you operate the machine: Use the engine brake and inching brake properly. Avoid excessively frequent braking. Do not operate the machine in a manner that the propulsion effort and braking occur at the same time. Do not keep your foot unnecessarily on the brake pedal while operating the machine, which may lead to burning the brake discs.

Oil change: Always pay attention to oil deterioration. Early oil changes are recommended. Use the genuine oil and operate the machine carefully and provide proper maintenance. By doing so, you can reduce the possibility of machine failure, and above all, you will be able to operate the machine safely.

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